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[PC] System Shock 2
02-20-2017, 05:14 AM (This post was last modified: 02-20-2017 05:48 AM by durdur.)
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[PC] System Shock 2
After much trouble installing it, (it doesn't like spaces in the file path, or Windows 10), I managed to get this 90s gem to start.
At first, I was just running the tutorial while contemplating installing HD models/textures, but then I got to the actual GAME.

You crawl out of your cryo-pod while a voice on the intercom rudely starts barking orders. You'd better listen, because a comm-dish outside just exploded, and the room is going to run out of air very soon. It picks-up pace very quickly after that, leading to the first enemies about 10min in.

Oh. Wow. My ears.

The "an enemy knows you are here" music is an awesome (and very LOUD) techno track, drowning out the intercom lady who obviously hates your guts. (Spoiler: literally)

My opinion went from "meh" to "Is this the musical equivalent of sex!?"
Something just feels right about crushing a mutants skull with a wrench while you jam to something that'd make Deadmau5 and Skrillex get jealous.

Double post toast!

For a taste of it's love for heavy techno, just look for "Med Sci 1" on YouTube.
Prepare to feel like a badass as you realize this "horror" game starts out as an action game / wrench dancing simulator.

Triple toast! (Screw edit)
Yes, the music isn't actually that amazing, but I'd imagine it blew peoples minds when they first played it, so long as it didn't break their immersion.
(The music is right up my alley, but I still feel like it probably could have been a lot more subtle)

Forever vigilent.
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