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[PC] Hellion
03-08-2017, 05:31 PM
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[PC] Hellion
I decided to post because I'm still making a half-assed attempt at keeping the forum alive.

Hellion is a game in space about a large ship of people that FTL'd their way to a new solar system orbiting the star Hellion, only to have their ship ripped apart. Some individual cryo modules survived, and the players must now try to survive the empty blackness of space.

Key features:
-Modular (literally) pieces of station/ship you can dock together.
-Multiplayer focus
-Asteroid mining!
-Room pressurization
-Togglable artifical gravity
-Subsytems (oxygen, reactor, solar, gravity) with individual access points where parts occassionally burn out.
-Deus Ex / Half-life sized vents to crawl through / hide in.
-FTL, RCS, and regular engines

The game is about scavenging parts while keeping your base up-and-running. Due to a technical oversight, you can make your ship your home base just by docking a few modules to the airlock. (Just don't expect to be fuel efficient!) Otherwise, make friends and enemies as you establish your turf, and expect some people to turn pirate as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The game is designed to be multiplayer, though it functions as single-player if you start the dedicated server program and connect to yourself. It has free-to-use public servers, though, so anyone with stable internet can enjoy it how it was meant to be played. (I guess LAN is technically possible.)

Oh, and Zero Gravity (the devs) promised me a free key from their next batch because I ... emailed them about adding a demo version? Ah, whatever. Odd response, but who'd ever say no to a free copy?

P.S. I plan to be a vent pirate/stowaway. I sneak into your base and live like a rat inside your vents, messing with things just enough for you to notice you aren't alone.
Also, vents auto-connect to eachother when you dock stuff.

Forever vigilent.
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