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Build, Survive, Live and Thrive..
05-08-2014, 07:14 AM
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RE: Build, Survive, Live and Thrive..
I'm here to keep everyone in like, including Nubcake ;P
And the smile when a long forgotten thing I did gets Necroposted ^_^

We are here for each other, and patiently waiting for the future. If this becomes big, we can grin at the new people and say; "You've no idea what it took for it to come this far, have you? You have no idea what we've been through." Then scoff as we're called hipsters and shunned by the unworthy newbloods while embracing those who approach us more humbly looking for tales of the olden days, when the water was jelly and you would bounce if you fell far enough. Then, my brothers, then it will be worth it.

"No Excuses. No Apologies. No Regrets."
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RE: Build, Survive, Live and Thrive.. - SabotageTheFool - 05-08-2014 07:14 AM

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