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Alpha v.43 Discussion
10-07-2012, 05:42 PM
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RE: Alpha v.43 Discussion
Yeah you could go into crafting mode and a grid would come up.

I wish we were developers

I play Lords of Uberdark
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10-08-2012, 02:11 PM
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RE: Alpha v.43 Discussion
(10-07-2012 02:21 PM)ZiggyPox Wrote:  We are not developers, just wishfull users Tongue.

But this sounds good. If you would like to make something big like a cart that would not fit back into your backpack, final assembly would take place on the ground. Wheels could be placed like blocks with big board between and shaft etc. By making some parts universal, like wheel could be part of a cart, wheelbarrow or water wheel.

Physical crafting for more complicated contraptions sounds just great. I loved it how I had to build the golems in Minecraft. Something similar in Uberdark would be cool. Maybe the crafting would be mostly done that way? *drool*

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10-20-2012, 06:06 PM
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RE: Alpha v.43 Discussion
I would prefer simpler crafting system.

First idea would have a crafting table where you could place certain amount of items and get a crafting list. There could be a different crafting table with different amount of space. Like golden crafting table would hold 50 items and the worst crafting table only 10 items a time! That way you could put somethings just random or from instinct. And you wouldnt get a list of 1000 receipts at a time to scroll them like in terraria!

Second idea would be just 1D crafting system... Downgrading the complex way to more simple and faster system. Simply put you would have to make a line or a chain and there could be a right order to place them. Im not gonna solve this throughtly, but i have a clear vision how it could work and it would be simple and flexible when build right... You could easily think many ways to make it like all those puzzle games to crack the recipes.

Only way i would see the 3D crafting to work, would have 3D cube which would show one corner and 3 sides to you. Then you would place your stuff in it. It would be like having the three axis (Y,X,Z) and you could thing it just a 3D cross section or something like that.

3D grid would be great if it could build in easy to use and not like wikicrafting! But i like the idea... Just getting a feeling of slow and clumsy crafting system when thinking of it, like those which have been in many games already... But then again games like "robot arena 2" which have a great building system, but it works because there isnt any recipes! haha...

Also a like the hint system idea. That would work well too...

My opinion is that the only problem would be the "1000 recipes" VS "Wikicrafting"..... I really dont care what kind of crafting system it would be, just that it would be self-explanatory and not sticky, like it is right now! Of course it is rought crafting system now in alpha. But would be nice to have those two problem to solve and not lean to either of one...

I enjoy the minecraft crafting system.... But somehow, when you are away from the game a while you tender to forget all the right recipes, and then its back to wikicrafting bullshit!

seems i was talking only the crafting system... Its your fault to discussed so much! I did have opinions of the 43 alpha version... Just dont remember them! haha... Well, my fault, but still got to blame somebody!

I hope this game takes a right direction in development that i would fully enjoy the finished game... Minecraft was all the way in right direction for me and then it had to implement those.... those.... dil***... Exploding dil***! Second wrong turn was the alchemy and roleplaying thingies... somehow it dont fit for me in the game... But developers have their own visions and just have to hope they happens to thing alike and then you would got a great game for yourself...

I dont really understand why the pickaxe have to hit so low, that when your head is forward, the player will dig downhill... But i just joined the club and havet have the privilege to enjoy the previous versions, so dont know how it was before....But whyyyyyyy... We are capable to lower our head to dig donwhill on our own, I think!

The building plane also sticks so close to your face that it is somethimes hard to place it just right....

Hope that there is some directions why the player cant look fully up or down... Propably the building system will develope so we dont need to look fully up or down... Who knows! Or maybe somebody who reads all these forums throughtly. I put my effort to read just this one post throughtly!

I hope that there would be different shape of building planes and you would just be able to fill or draw it surface the way you decide... Like the earlier bigger block or bigger sphere... When you think about it, all you would need would be a 3 building helps... Plane, box and sphere... Just to be able to chance the size and angle and then either use them to fill the build area or drop them and place surfaces for freehand like now. So basicly all the three needed tools have been experimented how they would work properly. Only proplem probably is the easy use of precise angles and stuff....

I mean all the tree tools is effectiveness for the freehand and block type building... Think to resize the build plane and great entirely wall by on click. And then think about the sphere, where you would just place the sphere in your house and just draw the curve roof for your house!

Well... Those are my thoughts of playing first time playing the game. I mean my first alpha version that i have played! And thoughts of reading this whole post...
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10-21-2012, 02:49 PM
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RE: Alpha v.43 Discussion

I am not disagreeing.

I play Lords of Uberdark
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10-21-2012, 05:44 PM
Post: #55
RE: Alpha v.43 Discussion
I'm honestly surprised someone posted something so long and isn't a bot.

That, or you're a very clever bot...

Either way, good ideas. If I am not mistaken, I believe there are upcoming changes to the crafting system soon. No idea HOW soon, but I believe there are changes planned.

[Image: AxwWvY1.png]
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